Morten Klit
Morten Klit. Educated in 1998 at the Royal Academy of Music (Aarhus, Denmark).

My name is Morten Klit and I am a danish developer of teaching material for music teachers. I teach jazz ensemble, composition, music theory and ear training at Frontsession School of Music, where I heads up the Jazz Studies department. I am also affiliated with the Royal Academy of Music as pedagogical supervisor.

Music pedagogy

The aim of my material and my teaching is to create the framework for a relevant teaching situation with increased concentration and learning as a result.

to music

For both children and students, music is a space in an often hectic everyday life, and we as music teachers must nurture this situation with creativity in the best possible way.

The development of a Solfege for Rhythms


Despite having nearly 20 years of experience with teaching ear training under my belt, I found myself in 2016 without an effective phonetic system to teach rhythms. I consulted my network of ear training instructors, but to no avail; everyone had his/her own system.

So I set out to develop my own phonetic system – a new system that would be detailed enough to help learners internalize rhythmic articulation patterns and phrasings, but at the same time fast and simple to learn.

By the spring of 2016, I had tested several hundred sounds and narrowed the field down to 14 unique sounds. Duvidava© was born.

More about Duvidava©

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